Some Wishes do come True at once

The Swimming Club SPID was founded in February 2016. The Club’s founder and instructor is Master of Sports and Physical Education Amel Kapo. Yet he could not have imagined the joy that he would bring to the little heroes when he started swimming classes for adults and children with disability.

Some Wishes do come True at once
"This job requires a lot of love, patience and psychological preparation, since this is the most vulnerable category - children. But their joy and the smiles on their faces every time they come to train show us that all we do is valuable and priceless”, said the instructor Amel Kapo.
He provides free basic swimming lessons for 43 persons with disability and special needs.

"Unfortunately, in our country, not a lot of people are responsive to projects such as this one. But some have still recognised the value and importance of such an undertaking, primarily Bosnalijek company, who were the first to provide assistance.”
Bosnalijek recognised the value of this project immediately and, in line with its business concept of social responsibility, became a supporter of the club SPID. Bosnalijek covers the cost of the swimming pool and the purchase of sports equipment so that adults and children from the most vulnerable category can freely enjoy this sports activity and socialise.

November 10, 2016
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