Your health is important to us and this is why we are dedicated to expanding and introducing new products to our portfolio

Development of modern medicines, new

technologies and international expansion

We base our business strategy primarily on the development of a wide and competitive range of high quality products and effective medicines with high market potential.
In accordance with the highest international standards of pharmaceutical manufacture, we focus continuously on the needs of our customers and are committed to expanding our portfolio and the introduction of new products. We aim to provide comprehensive healthcare and therefore in addition to the development of modern medicines we develop and manufacture dietary supplements and medical and diagnostic devices.

At the same time, we work to strengthen the position of our products and company in the export markets on three continents.

Over the past ten years, our exports have increased fourfold with average annual growth of 23 per cent. This result best presents the constant progress of Bosnalijek as a company committed to meeting the interests of its employees, shareholders, business partners and the broader social community.

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