We promote humanist values and selflessly support our community through different programmes

Responsibility as a fundamental business principle

Through its implementation of numerous socially responsible activities, Bosnalijek ranks among the most successful companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to application of the concept of socially responsible operations and support for the local and broader community.

As a socially responsible company, Bosnalijek acts directly and in cooperation with healthcare institutions and state and non-governmental organisations. Bosnalijek supports numerous projects and events within the domains of healthcare, sport, culture, science and education. The company fosters corporate philanthropy and selflessly supports the most vulnerable population, primarily children and adults with special needs, children without parental care and the elderly.

Bosnalijek believes that there is no alternative to sustainable development. Therefore, in all of its activities, the company focuses on the utilisation of modern technologies and equipment that reduce emissions into the environment, care for the rational use of water and energy resources, the education of its employees and raising awareness on the need for constant care for the environment.

As winner of the ‘2008 Socially Responsible Company in Bosnia and Herzegovina’ award, Bosnalijek continues to invest in human resources, product quality and support for and collaboration with the social community.

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