Corporate Visual Identity

The Brand Guidelines of Bosnalijek d.d. (Bosnalijek) are intended to ensure consistent and efficient use of the company’s visual identity. The purpose of the visual identity system is to provide a harmonious image of the company using a unique visual approach to present different aspects of our operations. Ultimately, it is aimed at developing a positive public perception of the company and its clear internal and external qualities. A strategically defined programme for visual identity is efficient to the extent of its consistent application. The Brand Guidelines serve as a manual for the appropriate usage of Bosnalijek’s visual identity in terms of the basic principles that apply to the use of logos and other visual elements; however, the guidelines do not cover all eventualities related to the use of identity. The use of Bosnalijek’s name without the company’s sign is not permitted.

If you have any questions and/or uncertainties regarding the use of Bosnalijek’s Brand Guidelines, please contact the Sector for Public Relations.
Tel.: + 387 (0)33 25 44 58.
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