Responsibility to nature, and health and safety

The Responsibility of Health and Safety

Bearing in mind the specifics of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of the potential risk to the health and safety of employees at the workplace and in accordance with the OHSAS 18001:1999 standard, Bosnalijek has developed and implemented a safety system of risk management and risk mitigation though the application of preventive measures.  The health and occupational safety risk management system was introduced, implemented and certified at Bosnalijek in 2006. OHSAS 18001 provides protection for employees through a systematic approach to the identification of potential hazards and dangers and risk management. It contributes to a healthier and safer working environment, reduces accidents and difficulties in occupational health and safety and contributes to a reduction in losses caused by illness and injury to employees. The basis of this system is the occupational safety of employees, with the objective and focus on preventive action. This transparent and effective process of occupational protection and safety for employees provides for efficient communication and cooperation between Bosnalijek and the relevant institutions.

Responsibility to the Environment

Bosnalijek has defined its responsibility to the environment in its Environmental Guidelines and has integrated the environmental protection system into the overall quality system. It has based its responsibility to the environment and the environmental protection system on observance of legislative requirements, the requirement to document all procedures, monitoring and reporting and verification through certification in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. Bosnalijek’s relationship to the environment is based on an awareness of the effects of its operations on the environment, continuous improvement of daily work practices, the use of low emissions technology, the efficient use of resources, cooperation with other entities on environmental protection, the transparency of in-house activities, communication within the region and socially responsible business operations.

Bosnalijek’s commitment to sustainable development and the objectives of environmental protection are long-term and require continuous activity, qualified staff and substantial funds. This is why annual plans define in detail the environmental objectives and projects, the implementation of which provides for lasting control, improvement and increased environmental protection. Investment in low emissions technology, in accordance with the relevant legislation and ISO 14001 requirements, provides for a reduction in air and noise emissions into the environment, while the construction and commissioning of plants for the treatment of industrial wastewater ensures its purification prior to discharge into the recipient.
In accordance with its environmental policy, Bosnalijek has established an integral waste management system typical for the pharmaceutical industry. The waste management system includes a Waste Management Plan based on the relevant legislation and ISO 14001 requirements, implemented through in-house procedures and instructions. The planned monitoring provides for supervision of all activities that could affect the environment. Monitoring is implemented through application of the Monitoring Plan in accordance with the relevant legislation and ISO 14001 requirements. Bosnalijek provides regular reports on the results of monitoring to all relevant institutions. The environmental permit is an integral legal document and an administrative document that prescribes the required protective measures for all aspects of environmental protection, such as water, air and soil/land, aimed at achieving a high level of environmental protection.

Quality System

For decades of its business operations, Bosnalijek has been dedicated to the consistent application of quality in all aspects of its business operations and processes. In this way, the company produces the highest quality medicines and ranks alongside internationally competitive pharmaceutical companies. Continuous improvement and careful analysis and planning are the fundamental business principles of Bosnalijek. Our continuous commitment to our customers, whose needs we monitor and analyse with particular attention, has resulted in a wide range of medicines adapted to the needs of the end users. Bosnalijek’s quality assurance system is in full compliance with national and international statutory regulations and standards for Good Manufacturing Practice, which justifies the confidence and expectations of our customers, partners and the regulatory authorities. Bosnalijek ensures the quality, safety and efficacy of its products through the high level of education, satisfaction and active commitment of its employees and its continuous testing and verification of procedures and processes. Continuous improvement of product quality is the primary objective of the Bosnalijek system, notwithstanding the product life cycle. The key foundation of Bosnalijek’s success and business policy is the integral management system, which in addition to Good Manufacturing Practice also incorporates the requirements undertaken through ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 standards.
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