We are continuously focused on the needs of our customers and committed to expansion and the introduction of new products

Our Modern Development Centre is at the heart of Bosnalijek

The strategy of Bosnalijek focuses on continuous development of a wide range of products with a high market share. An important prerequisite for the growth of the company is the timely development and marketing of high quality, effective and safe generic medicines, whose value is equal to relevant innovative medicines, and value-added generic medicines. The development activities of Bosnalijek also include a number of dietary supplements and medical devices.  
The Bosnalijek Development Centre is equipped with modern laboratories and staffed by teams comprising top experts of various profiles, including doctors and masters of sciences and specialists and experts in specific scientific fields. The results of their work are products of tested and proven quality, safety and efficacy.

A wide range of activities is performed at the Development Centre.


Excellence, methods and principles of work

In a unique location in Sarajevo and under conditions and methods guaranteeing top quality, Bosnalijek manufactures a total range of own products. The manufacturing sector has three manufacturing units where we manufacture solid oral forms of medicine and semi-solid and liquid forms of medicine. All of the manufacturing plants have a modern concept and design in line with the applicable requirements of EU Good Manufacturing Practice. This is to ensure the reputation of Bosnalijek as a manufacturer of medicines of the highest quality and standards.

The largest manufacturing plant is the Department for Solid Oral Form of Medicines. It connects directly to the automated high-bay warehouse, which provides horizontal transportation of raw materials, semi-products, packaging material and final products. The entire manufacturing process is subject to quality control, which includes all relevant factors from the conditions for manufacture, test results during manufacture, control of raw materials and packaging material, manufacture and packaging documentation, compliance with final product specifications and checking the final packaging.


Responsibility as a fundamental principle

Our top priority is to meet the highest expectations of the users of our products, which we ensure through the manufacture of high efficacy, safe and quality medicines.

As a generic manufacturer of medicines, we are aware of our responsibility to patients, doctors, pharmacists and distributers. An important link in the chain of the modern quality management system at Bosnalijek is quality control, which applies at different stages of the business process. The quality control laboratories are equipped with modern and highly sophisticated analytical equipment, including all currently available analytical techniques within the domain of chromatography, spectroscopy and instrumental microbiology. Advanced analytical tools and specialised and highly trained staff ensure that the quality concept remains the most important criterion for Bosnalijek products.

Regular controls of all factors that might affect the quality and efficacy of a medicine are performed at different stages of the manufacturing process. Only those products that fully comply with all accepted quality standards receive marketing authorisation approval.
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