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Department Department of Development and Registration
Profession: Master of Pharmacy and Specialist in Pharmaceutical Technology

Nina Šarić, Head of Formulation Division

Head of Formulation Division
Nina Šarić first encountered Bosnalijek during her university studies. For Nina, the internship at Bosnalijek was very inspiring and brought her to industrial pharmaceuticals and the Development Centre of Bosnalijek. Today she is a member of the team developing different forms of medicine.
"My first encounter with Bosnalijek was very special and I realised I had found my calling. The internship in Bosnalijek opened doors I never knew existed. Suddenly, there were different opportunities for work and development before me. My wish to develop new medicines was born then and it is still with me. I love my job, colleagues and the environment in which we develop new products. The feeling of being the creator of a preventive or palliative product is priceless. You know that you are doing something important in your life. I would like to stress how much it means to me that Bosnalijek has been continuously expanding its product range, which gives me the opportunity to develop formulations of various pharmaceutical forms. Owing to Bosnalijek’s fostering of fundamental human values, respect and teamwork, I can say that my professional engagement in the development of new medicines and daily challenges in the application of basic principles of the pharmaceutical profession have shaped me as a person.”

Nina has been with Bosnalijek since 2002. Inspiring and committed to research and development, she is a creator or, as she says, formulator of numerous products that can be found in pharmacies around the world. She has developed many products, the best known of which are the Lysobact Spray line, Pharyngal spray and the Altioks (capsules) dietary supplement. Through planning and organisation, today she is a member of the team for the development of new medicines. Development of new products, in addition to love and dedication to work, also requires continuous training on new global pharmaceutical trends. Therefore, Bosnalijek’s activities focused on planning the development and improvement of the expertise of its employees.

"Owing to Bosnalijek, I have completed dozens of trainings both in-house and external. These trainings were truly useful for my daily work challenges. Most of the trainings I completed were organised by the accredited education agency CFPA. I am glad to have attended numerous professional lectures, including the Formulation of Medicines Technology for the manufacture of creams, ointments, emulsions, suspensions, techniques of granulation, tableting, encapsulation, coating and product registration. I would also like to point out my favourite training: Granulation, Tableting and Capsule Technology.”

Nina is the co-author and presenter of numerous professional lectures at international symposia. Her favourite attendance and presentation was at the 17th International Pharmaceutical Technology Symposium (IPTS). The symposium was held in Antalya in 2014 and two of Nina’s poster presentations were published:

-    Influence of the Formulation and Manufacture Process on the Dissolution Profile of Alfa Lipoic Acid in Hard Gelatine Capsules
-    Optimisation of the Process for Producing Medical Chewing Gums with Enzyme Lysozyme Hydrochloride and Cetylpyridinium Chloride

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