Bosnalijek make a Donation to Families from the settlement Svrake

Yesterday, 16 June 2014, employees of Bosnalijek visited residents from the settlement Svrake who had lost their homes and presented them with financial support amounting to 37,000 BAM. The money was donated to the families of Mediha Halilović, Husein Hadžavdija, Nijaz Halilović, Fikro Sužanj, Alija Halilović and Sabina Durić.

Edhem Mulaosmanović, Chairperson of Bosnalijek’s Trade Union, said, “We are very proud of our employees who have always been willing to help those in need. On this occasion as well, Bosnalijek’s employees donated their daily wages and selflessly assisted the afflicted families from Svrake settlement”.

Mr Mulaosmanović stated that the 37,000 BAM collected for this settlement was raised through the donation of daily wages and financial contributions given by Bosnalijek employees and colleagues from the representative offices in Montenegro and Kosovo as well as by friends from Lek Company.

Members of the families from the settlement Svrake who received the donation expressed their gratitude and joy because the employees of Bosnalijek had knocked on their doors. After a brief encounter and words of gratitude, they stressed that Bosnalijek had proven it was a company with a big heart.

“We wish you all the health, happiness and success in your future work and for Bosnalijek to be seen through our eyes by everybody. We are proud to have a company such as Bosnalijek in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, said Husein Hadžavdija to the Bosnalijek’s employees.

In mid May 2014, Bosnia and Herzegovina suffered severe flooding caused by record-breaking rainfall: the heaviest in 120 years of recorded measurement. Bosnalijek collected 120,000 BAM of aid in the form of medicines, disinfectants and food and water for the territories most effected in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In accordance with the Decision by the Bosnalijek management on assistance in the form of medicines and disinfectants to the population in Bosnia and Herzegovina most affected by these unprecedented floods, the company established a crisis team that cooperated daily with crisis staff in both entities, the Red Cross, the Headquarters of Civil Protection, medical centres and the Clinical Centre of the University of Sarajevo (KCUS).

In line with its mission as a socially responsible company to improve the quality of life, Bosnalijek will remain an important means of support for the broader social community and provide maximum assistance to the victims of such natural disasters.

June 17, 2014
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