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Department Department of General Services
Profession: Specialist Chef

Ismeta Bašić, Chef

"When you choose a profession that is an integral part of your personality you cannot call it work, because it is a lot more: your calling or passion for what you create.”

It is always dynamic in the spacious and bright Bosnalijek kitchen. You will find high spirits, laughter and the pleasant smell of healthy and delicious food. Every morning the team of chefs and support staff, in precise dynamics and order, prepare the most delicious meals that are well known among all of the company’s employees as well as numerous guests. Ismeta Bašić always knew that her life call would be to prepare delicious meals. In 1985, aged eighteen, she joined Bosnalijek after completing secondary school. 

"Cooking and kitchen work move and motivate me and I never feel tired. Since 1985, I have not stopped working for a day. I even worked during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Not even war and shelling could stop me from coming to work.”

 Ismeta stressed that there had been times when she would spend twelve hours a day in the kitchen. 

"I would work the full shift and then I would attend all possible courses and trainings on cooking. I have always tried to learn something new and of course be in the kitchen.”
Ismeta has completed almost all cooking courses held in Sarajevo. Eventually, she was awarded a degree - Specialist Chef - for her love of cooking. Ismeta and her colleagues are not only dedicated to cooking and maintaining perfect cleanliness in their work place but are also dedicated to the dietary habits of their colleagues. They know who eats what and which meals they will select from the daily menu.

"We mostly prepare meals of Bosnian cuisine. However, many colleagues have different dietary habits and we try to please them too. They usually do not ask for any special treatment, but we know their dietary habits and try to please them. We know when they usually come for lunch and we try to prepare their favourite meals on time.”

 Ismeta said cheerfully that she had recently heard a very true saying: 

"The same person can be a heavy pessimist before lunch and a confident optimist after lunch”.

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