Successful Two-Day Roundtable of Psychiatrists Held

Roundtable of Psychiatrists held on 19th and 20th April 2019 in Split, gathered 20 specialists from the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina. The professional part of this Roundtable was divided in two days and covered two topics: Memento® – Little Dementia School, and Pregabalin Therapy in Psychiatric Practice - Epiron®.

Successful Two-Day Roundtable of Psychiatrists Held

Almasa Jandrić, Rx Product Manager in Bosnalijek stressed: "Our aim was to actively include doctors in professional lectures, initiate sharing practical experiences through case studies, and stimulate active and qualitative discussion about topics still not developed for use in the practice. At the same time, it was our goal to create a need for our new therapy and position the products from our CNS portfolio for therapeutic indications of currently present psychiatric diseases".

The Roundtable participants were very satisfied with organisation and professional part, which opened many questions and initiated dynamic discussions.  

Biljana Milivojević, MD, neuropsychiatry specialist from Cantonal Hospital Safet Mujić, MD, Mostar said after this gathering: "We were given an opportunity to hear different experiences in practice at this Roundtable, which helped us solve certain dilemmas we previously had. This was an opportunity for Bosnalijek representatives to remind us with their presentation of the CNS portfolio and its broad use. Moreover, organization by Bosnalijek pharmaceutical company was marvellous, along with a remarkable relationship and attitude of their employees as our hosts.”     

Mevludin Hasanović, MD PhD, neuropsychiatry specialist from the Clinic of Psychiatry at University Clinical Centre Tuzla, emphasized the importance of this gathering due to a neglected issue of ageing, just like the quality of life of persons with dementia and other psychological comorbidities.

Mr. Hasanović added: "It is important to raise public awareness about the significance of this problem, and draw particular attention of experts who are responsible for health, social and economic perspective in Bosnia and Herzegovina. No researches have been conducted, and there are no clear plans for caring for persons with dementia whose number has progressively grown".

The participants contributed to this work by describing the use of Epiron® in practice.

Edin Bjelošević, MD PhD, neuropsychiatry specialist from Centre for Mental Health, Health Centre Zenica stressed: "Professional gathering held with the topic of ‘Using Pregabalin in Psychiatric Practice' represents the current dominant topic, which opens the door for usage of Epiron®. It was concluded that a serious study on Epiron® needs to be conducted, to include several doctors from several centres for mental health, as well as psychiatrists from Clinics, so as to get valid results on the effects of Epiron®".

Prim. Dr. Srebrenka Bise, neuropsychiatry specialist from Psychiatric Hospital Sarajevo added that it was important that Epiron® was added on essential list, thus becoming available in the practice, also stating:

"Upon following recent studies, we discovered certain new possibilities for using Epiron®as adjuvant therapy, which has been confirmed in our paper presented at this professional gathering."

Other participants did not hide their satisfaction with organisation and the topics. In the end of this two-day gathering, all of the participants were awarded with Certificates of Participation.  

April 25, 2019
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