The Third Congress of Pharmacists from Montenegro held in Bečići

The Third Congress of Pharmacists from Montenegro, with the international participation, under the title “New horizons in pharmacy – challenges and opportunities”, organized by the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Montenegro and Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montenegro – Study Course Pharmacy, with the presence of a high number of international and domestic reputable lecturers, was successfully completed. Bosnalijek recognized a regional significance of the Congress and took the opportunity to successfully promote most important corporative brands and the Company itself.

The Third Congress of Pharmacists from Montenegro held in Bečići

Bosnalijek, as one of sponsors of the Congress, participated with two lectures, two poster presentations of study results exploring efficiency and safety of the medicine Enterofuryl®in Montenegro, and also had a promotional stand. The mentioned activities drew a considerable attention of the Congress participants.

The first lecture organized by Bosnalijek was given by a reputable lecturer Prof. Nenad Ugrešić, MD PhD from the Pharmacology Department, Pharmaceutical Faculty in Belgrade, on the topic "Role and importance of lysozyme in treatment of oral cavity and throat mucosa diseases".

Prof. Nenad Ugrešić, MD PhD during his lecture emphasised advantages of lysozyme, which by their numerous beneficial therapeutic effects help in protection, and healing of oral cavity and throat mucosa, and added:

"A unique composition of LYSOBACT® has been based on lysozyme, natural factor of local immunity of mucosa, which by its multiple beneficial effects helps in protection and healing of oral cavity and throat mucosa, and represents an excellent therapeutic choice for causal and symptomatic treatment of acute inflammations of oral cavity and throat mucosa."

The second lecture was given by Ass. Prof. Brigita Smolović, MD PhD from the Gastroenterohepatology Department, Clinical Center of Montenegro, on the topic "Role of a pharmacist in treatment of acute diarrhea”.

"In a daily practice we are faced with an increase in number of patients which have acute infective diarrhea, and a number of patients have been hospitalized due to serious dehydration, in some cases even due to intoxication.

With a mandatory rehydration therapy, a medicine necessary for reduce and discontinuation of such diarrhea is a unique intestinal anti-infective medicine – ENTEROFURYL®(nifuroxazide) ", emphasized Ass. Prof. Brigita Smolović, MD PhD.

She added that a number of therapeutic advantages of administration of ENTEROFURYL® have been clinically verified – in relation to most frequently applied probiotics.

The Congress gathered more than 700 participants from BiH, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Kosovo, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Turkey, USA and Canada. Taking into consideration its international trait, The Congress was an occasion for affirmation of pharmaceutical activities, and for supporting professional and scientific cooperation in the region and wider territory.


May 15, 2019
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