Third Generation of American Yale University Students Visits Bosnalijek

First and second-year MBA students from the prestigious American University of Yale visited Bosnalijek today, 13 March 2019, as part of their study visit to the Balkans countries.

Third Generation of American Yale University Students Visits Bosnalijek

This is the third year in a row that Bosnalijek has served as a starting point for study visits of Yale postgraduate students.

"Bosnalijek and the history of this company can offer a lot of knowledge to American students”, Ivana Katić, a Yale professor and leader of the study visit, said in her media statement.

In her statement for Fena, Professor Katić said:

"To see a company that has been through so much and never stopped operating, demonstrating successful performance both in BiH and on international markets, is a great experience for these students. Here, they gained insight into the way companies operate outside of US. We are impressed by Bosnalijek’s professionalism and business performance, not to mention the hospitality with which they always receive us.”

Students had an opportunity to see the company’s corporate film and hear the presentation of Dr. Meliha Mehić, Corporate Medical Adviser, who said in her media statement that visits of Yale students had become a tradition and that there was a lot those young people could learn in the leading pharmaceutical company in BiH.

"We are glad to have the opportunity to present our portfolio giving focus to key brands, essence of our business operations, scientific research papers and clinical studies. We want to show them new products we are developing, many of which are interesting to the US market as well, since they are intended for treatment of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, all high on the prevalence scale in the US” - Dr. Mehić added in her media statement.

In the interview with the media representatives, Yale student, Chase Byerly, said that it was a valuable experience to visit a company with such reputation which had a comprehensive business strategy and could offer useful information to US students interested to learn how companies operated outside of that country. 

"We would like to learn more about the Bosnalijek corporate strategy, but also how the pharmaceutical field is regulated in BiH and the countries in the region. We are sure that this field is regulated differently than in US. Bosnalijek is the first company on our list of visits. We are going visit several other big companies in the region”, said Byerly. 

Students had an opportunity to see the new laboratories in the Quality Control facility and the Development Centre. They did not hide their delight with what they had seen and gave their great thanks to all colleagues who contributed to such an excellent organization of the visit.                                                                      

The students will also learn about other aspects of Bosnalijek operations, such as production during war-time years in Sarajevo and the ever-interesting topic - a large number of female employees at this company, who currently make up about 60 percent of labor force.

March 13, 2019
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